Sunday, March 26, 2017

Make Your Own Postcards

There are so many apps available that can be used to transform your photos into fun pix or into drawings suitable for using as a pattern to make a quilt. Each month, in my newsletter, I try to share an app that I have found to be useful or just plain fun. I am far from a computer guru, so I only can choose ones that work on my iPhone or iPad. For other platforms you'll have to experiment like I do.
This morning I was searching for a monthly app and came across PicsArt. It's free. And fun!
Here's a photo I took in a Key West this winter. (Don't you love the color of the sky?)

After you download the app and open it, click on the pink +, then Edit, allow access to your photos and you're on you way. After choosing a photo, my favorite transformation tool is "magic". Here's Rainbow.

And I can add text.

Wouldn't that make a great postcard? I imported it into Vistaprint, a great place for printing, and it was the perfect size for a postcard. You can't beat the cost of $10.00 for 50.

Or how about Midnight?

I also played around with my quilt, Funkytown. (It's a Curvalicious quilt and I'm currently working on the pattern.)

Here's Rainbow

Using the Effects menu, I tried Black & white. This would be useful for a value study.

I really enjoy transforming my photos into mini works of art. If you'd like to see the different apps that I play with each month, sign up for my free newsletter, HERE.

And remember, all art isn't serious, just have some fun!



  1. I love using the new apps for photo art, get some fun effects and it is a nice idea to use in cards.


  2. fun! thanks for telling us about the app


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