Sunday, March 19, 2017

The New Approach To Foundation Quilts

As soon as I arrived home from The Curvalicious Tour, I got to work on my monthly assignment as an Island Batik Ambassador. I couldn't wait to sit at my sewing machine and do a couple of quick paper pieced projects, of course with Island Batik fabrics. Paper piecing has come a long way. I have always found it a great method to achieve those perfect points. I feel though that there has been a reinvention and explosion. The available patterns are not just stars and mariners compasses, but such a fun variety including vignettes, animals, winding geese and words.

Of course I had to try my "Philly Love" quilt pattern in batiks. I love the bright colors. You can find the pattern on Craftsy by clicking HERE.

I have always wanted to try this sewing machine pattern by Quiet Play. As with Philly Love, it's a downloadable pattern. I like instant gratification. You can check out all of her patterns HERE.


I have 2 tips I'd like to share. The first is when joining 2 sections of a paper pieced pattern together, I use wonder clips instead of straight pins to hold the pieces together. There is no distortion with the wonder clips and I've found I can be more precise.

The other tip is for machine stitching a binding. After stitching the binding to the back of the quilt, press it open and then fold it to the front of the quilt. Then, I take full advantage of the use of a stiletto. I use it for both pulling the binding into place and keeping it in place as I stitch, especially at the corners.




  1. great idea on the wonder clips!! Those little things are so handy!!

  2. When using this binding method does your final stitching on the front binding land on the back binding or the back of the quilt? I always have trouble getting it to land on the back binding. It's usually hit and miss.

  3. Great tips, thanks! I love your mini quilts.

  4. great idea with the wonder clips

  5. great tip on the clips, thanks!!


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