Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cycling Album – Last Page

Day #6 and this is my last page – except for the cover.  Cycling Album P.  5

For this last page, I wanted to try and do a collage piece.  I first used a fabric marker and wrote cycling vocabulary on the background fabric.  It’s a whole new language that I’ve learned since riding in my adult years.  You need to stabilize the fabric first with either contact or freezer paper.  After heat setting it, I layered it with batting and quilted it. Then using an actual bicycle chain ring, I prepared the fusible facsimiles out of black organza.  I very carefully fused it to the background.  The balancing act was using a setting on the iron that was hot enough to activate the fusible, but not too hot to melt the organza. I stitched around the chain rings.

Then the square were fused in place and stitched down with metallic thread and then adding toothed locker washers from the local hardware store that remind me of gears.

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