Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day #5, Page #5

Continuing my album journey.  I have finished my 5th page in 5 days.  This is so doable  when you break it down this way.  So, for my 5th page …..drum roll please:

This page is about my cycling travels.  I have prepared for this ever since I started taking my bike on trips.  I try to pose my bicycle, sometimes with me and sometimes without me – to show off the locale.  I have been so lucky and have ridden my bicycle in so many wonderful places.  It is an exciting way to really see our country and other countries.  I pieced these photos with the blacCycling Album P.4k fabric. 

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The rectangles are shrink sheets .  You put them through the computer, cut them to the desired size/shape and then shrink them in the oven.  (Like the old fashioned shrinky dinks.)  I know of 2 companies that make them: and  You may be able to find them in your local crafts store.  I have also printed photos on them.  I punch holes in them before I shrink them and use the holes to sew them on.

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