Friday, May 8, 2009

Day #4, Page #4

I devoted my 4th page to my hero, Lance Armstrong.  To watch him ride up those hills during the Tour de France is so inspiring to me.  I cannot imagine how his legs are burning, and how his body is telling him to just get off the bike, but his brain is telling him to keep going and that he can do it and he  just continues to turn those pedals.  Inspiration to get out there and just do it!

Cycling Album P. 2

The photos were printed on EQ printables with my computer.  The bicycles across the bottom were screen printed with Print Gocco.  “Hero” was designed with my word processing program and then fused on.  The Livestrong bracelet is real.

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  1. What a great original idea! I love this bicycle quilt. As far as the question on IJQ list--I say go for lots of really bright colors!


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