Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fabric Flags

My son is getting married next June at our lake house on our dock in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.  His fiancee is a wonderful girl whose creativity knows no bounds. 
She has lots of ideas for the wedding decor -tons of ideas.

I have walked with 2 wonderful women every morning for many, many years.  They have schooled me about being a mother-in-law.  They have tried to teach me how to mind my own business and the fact that the first call a daughter makes is always to her mother.  I have 2 sons.  (Hrmph.) 

But sometimes I can't help myself and I  have to try and help, which they may think is interfering. IOne son is already married.)    Honestly, I am only trying to help. (Do you hear that girls? I know they read my blog.)

So Loren, my future DIL, mentioned she would was thinking about stringing fabric flags throughout the deck and the yard up at the lake for decoration.  She has already bought fabric.  I had some immediate ideas about how to do this in a quick and easy manner.  So what follows is my way of not interfering as a future MIL, but just doing a little experiment!!


I made a template from a 4" x 5 1/2" piece of paper.
After folding it in half, I cut diagonally to form a triangular flag.

 Then I prepared the fabric.  I chose an assortment of orange and turquoise. 
 (You know who likes those colors.)

Rectangles were cut from each fabric that were about 9" x 6".
 Fold it in half and press a crease line.

Then I ironed a rectangle of fusible web to half of the wrong side of the fabric.

 Remove the paper and press the 2 halves together.

The next step was cutting the flags using the paper template.

I stictched around the 2 sides of the flag.  I used this very cool trim to connect the flags.  It was from one of my quilt guild's members who moved away. (Thank you Josephine.)
Look at the price! Can you tell how old it is?

Then, I inserted the flags into the fold of the trim and stitched.

So it looked like this:

My friend Kelly thought they would look good pinked:

And it did.

So I took them out in the yard.

And look who was looking at me, wondering what the heck I was doing!



  1. Bailey looks soooo cute and I am sure she is getting used to the wild and wonderful things you try. The flags turned out really great. That trim you used is very cool. You will have to let us all know what Loren thinks of your experiment.

  2. They look great and they have Bailey's stamp of approval, you're golden missy!


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