Friday, December 30, 2011

Wonderful Wonderfil

Wonderfil.  - That's not a typo. Did it make you think of Lawrence Welk?   Wonderfil is a thread company.  I was thrilled when they asked me to make some samples for their booth to showcase their threads when they exhibit at sewing/quilt shows. They have a huge collection of threads.  The thing that caught my eye immediately was the vibrancy of the colors.  There is also quite a wide variety in fiber content and thread weights. 

I stitch with thread both by machine and by hand.  I use it to quilt, both by machine and by hand.  I use thread both for utility and also as a design element.  I also use it for embellishing.  If I can thread a needle with it, I will sew with it.  Needles are the key to making a thread "work".  Many problems can solved by changing needles. 
My first sample for Wonderfil is called "I Love Paris", just like the song. 
The Eiffel Tower is the centerpiece and it is fused and machine blanket stitched with D-Twist.
The background is quilted by hand with the big stitch and a 12 wt variegated cotton. 
 Metallic thread was used to blanket stitch the fused letters. The polka dots are accented with clear seed beads. And a small black button dots the i.

I handstitched the vine design on black silk dupioni with hot pink Accent, 12 wt rayon and then added flower like beads.

The three fleur de lisles in the border on the right side are cotton fabric fused to a white silk background, blanket stitched  by machine with a 40 wt rayon thread .

These little pieces are so much fun to do. I love adding the embellished top and bottom edges. 
 Final measurement:  11" h x 12" w

You can check out the huge variety of Wonderfil thread at their website:


  1. Very nice and your stitching is fabulous! I did not realize you did hand quilting when I first saw it. I am very impressed missy!

  2. This is beautiful, Cheryl! I see hours and hours of work with the stitching and embellishments...and I hear Lawrence Welk, oh dear.


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