Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wednesday's Wanderings #1 - Key West

Happy New Year to everyone.  First I want to share what it's like in Key West for New Years.  then I want to tell you about my annual quilting project.

We have spent a few New Years in Key West.  It has to be one of the wildest places to celebrate New Years Eve. I am getting too old for the craziness so I thought I would just do a short walk down memory lane (or Duval St aka Main St.).
The hottest spot for bringing in the New Year is in front of Bourbon Street Pub.   People are packed in like sardines.  Restaurant employees are throwing beaded necklaces off the roofs  and porches of the building.  As midnight approaches, a drag queen named Sushi, positions herself into the dangling red stiletto and is lowered to the street amidst other drag queens.

The next hot spot is in front of Sloppy Joe's where a huge Conch shell is lowered at midnight.

And last but not least, a wench is raised up the mast of a sailboat down by the water.

A couple of times I went out with my grown kids and we roamed the craziness.  Last time we were here for New Years, my husband went out with me.  That night I decided that was my last time. 
 And I'm sticking to it. So last night was movie night and leftovers.
But I spent today making a small quilt block.  I am committing to making a block a week.  I have been inspired by my wonderful friend Kelly, of Pinkadotquilts. She said I gave her the idea.  frankly I don't remember.  I find a need a theme to motivate me.  My theme is "Oh the places I've been".  At this point I am planning on it being a travelogue.  This may change over time.    But what won't change over time is that I will share a block every Wednesday on my blog.  I am calling it Wednesday's Wanderings.  At the end of the year I am going to put the blocks together to make a quilt that will reflect my travels for 2012.
You can guess that my first few blocks will be inspired by Key West.  I am unveiling the project today to celebrate the New Year. 

This measures 6 1/2" x 8 1/2" 

I used silver beads ti make the illuminated numbers.

I invite you all to join me in this annual project.  Pick your own theme.  Use it as an opportunity to grow and try new techniques, but most of all to have fun.


  1. Awesome! What a great block to start with. How many do you think you will do? You have to be sure to include the Poconos and Kentmore, I want to be in a block!!!!

  2. What a fabulous idea. Good luck with your project.

  3. Hi! Lovely work! Splendid commitment! I especially enjoyed your vivid description of the local celebration in Key West ... as I am lucky to be going for my first visit this coming March as an artist-in-residence at TSKW! Thanks for the excitement, the additional anticipation!

  4. That is just brilliant!!!! What could be better than a huge red stiletto!!!

  5. You are hysterical. Love the stories of New Year's Eve and the block is great. You even put earrings on Sushi! Can't wait to see the other blocks you come up with as the year progresses.
    Happy New Year!

  6. wonderful, Cheryl. You and Kelly are both inspiring me. not ready to jump in YET

  7. What a great, ambitious project! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Love the Key West block. Vivian IJQ

  8. How fun!! When we were in Key West, we got invited to "see the ladies" and I couldn't believe they were umm...MEN. They were some of the prettiest ladies I'd ever seen!

    I'm loving the theme behind your blocks - wish I had thought of it when we were still on the road! hmmmm....maybe it's not too late!

  9. You really are full of creative ideas Cheryl - we can discuss this next month when you visit us in Israel. Wish I could make such a commitment, but I can't stick to even giving up chocolate for a week!!! Great block to start off 2012. Marlyn in Israel


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