Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday's Wanderings #3 - Key West Southernmost Point

Week #3 was inspired by two of the most popular sites to see in Key West - the sunrise and the location of the southernmost point in the United States. (I took a little poetic license here, because the sunrise is not visible from the buoy.)

People start lining up in the morning to have their photo taken at this unique geographic location.  I am always amazed how polite and orderly we can be as a group of human beings.  Everyone takes a turn and usually the next person in line snaps the photo.

Even Bailey and I got into the  act.

And the sunrise here does not disappoint.

I spent a day using Lumiere paints to create the fabric for the sun rising over the ocean.  I played with both dry and wet white cotton fabric, first painting the sky and ocean, leaving space for the sun and it's reflection.

I let this dry and heat set it and added the yellow paint.

 I was not happy with the results.  The paint just bled into the other colors, even though I heat set it. (I later read that there is a resist that you can apply to the fabric to prevent bleeding.)

This led me to creating the sunrise and the ocean separately and then creating the sun as a fusible applique.

I didn't really want to spend the time to recreate the buoy.  My goal is to finish my block in a day.  So I went shopping and bought this cold drink can cozy.  It's foam rubber.

I cut out the buoy and whipstitiched it to the background.  Why not?


  1. Clever use of the drink can cozy. well donde.
    Sandy in the UK

  2. Another interesting piece, Cheryl! In the photo with you and your dog, that looks like a Chanukah menorah in the background!

  3. What a wonderful piece from the buoy, love it.


  4. Love the quilt, Cheryl!
    Lori Weiss


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