Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday's Wanderings #4 - Ride on Bailey

Here we are on week #2 of my year long project to create a block a week.  I am still in Key West, so there is still lots of inspiration. I have received lots of feedback that you are enjoying the local color, so this week I will continue.

 Bicycles are one of the most popular way to get around the island.  You see both locals and tourists riding bikes.  A lot of the locals ride bikes in lieu of owning a car.  Bike riding is fun for us tourists and it alleviates the aggravation of traffic and trying to find a parking space for a car.  There are bike racks everywhere.  (Even though this is paradise, you still have to lock your bike.)

For the time we are here, I try not to get behind the wheel of the car.  I am able to do this because my husband does all of the grocery shopping,. (VBG)  I ride my bike for fun and to run errands.  I have a folding bike that is a little strange looking with a very utilitarian basket.

And whenever I can, Bailey is my companion. She sits in that basket and checks out the scenery like a masthead. Every once in a while she turns around for a kiss and to make sure that I am still there.

Here she is in the basket with her ear flying in the breeze. 

I used the big stitch and metallic thread to add the spokes.

And then I used free motion quilting to add the words.


  1. Very cute, looks like Bailey is having fun!

  2. Oh so adorable! I say this with a big smile on my face! cute.. cute.. cute!

  3. whooo hooo! I that your RED bike? cool style!!

  4. Love it ,and good for you for riding your bike ,looks like lots of fun .

  5. What a wonderful piece of Bailey's basket ride, love it.


  6. I really like how you capture the joy of the ride. I can't wait til next week's posting!

  7. Soooo cute! Great block! Love the fabric you used for Bailey's fur.

  8. A delightful composition and so clever. Thank you for sharing.

  9. hello, very nice to read your blog from Key West. We are 2 quilting women from Norway, going on vacation in March and first of April. We shall go to both Cancun in Mexico and Florida. We haven't decided where to stay in Florida. Do you recommend Key West for a week holiday?. Is it easy to get a place to live? Where in Florida will we find interesting art quilts shops or work shops? love from elisabet


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