Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Birthday Gift

A big birthday deserves a special present.
I won't say which birthday it was!
But can you read the cover????

It's a birthday book for Terry.
The Quiltinis each made a page - a little quilt.
My job was to turn the little quilts into a book and make the cover.

This little quilt was made by Sujata. It celebrates Terry's  fondness for elephants.
The elephant is appliqued. The blanket adds the perfect splash of color. It really is adorable.

Jane's little quilt depicts Terry hard at work during quilting getaways. This comical block also includes Terry's headlamp, her beloved Bernina and a very special bird.

Christine's little quilt celebrates Terry's love of cake. Check out the cupcake wrapper. It really looks like one.  And is that a flower cut from a piece of fabric for the icing?

Kelly's little quilt is covered in beautiful sunflowers. They are Terry's favorite. Lots of her quilts have sunflowers and crows on them.

The little quilts were made into an accordion style book with a few added embellishments.

This is great for display. It stands.

Terry is also an amazing hiker. Her goal at one time was to hike the Appalachian Trail from beginning to end. She has done quite a bit of it. I had wanted to depict her love for hiking, but it just didn't work for the cover, so here's the back of the book with a label:

Happy (60th) Birthday Terry!  Remember, 60 is the new 30!



  1. here it is! I saw the pretty picture yesterday and clicked on it, then it didn't come up, so I guess you un-posted it until today, looks great!

  2. What a lovely gift. Every "page" is great!

  3. Cheryl, You did a wonderful job bringing all those pages to life! Then again, what else would I expect from you?

  4. What a beautiful, beautiful birthday gift! Happy Birthday Terry! (I love Sujata's elephant!)

  5. Great pictures Cheryl! It did turnout nice!

  6. This is beyond fabulous! Your girls are the cat's meow.
    How much did Terry Love it?


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