Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday's Wanderings #10 - Childhood Memories

It's interesting what is important to you upon reflection as opposed to what is important to you at the moment. On one of the last days of I\my Israel trip, our group headed to a remote area to plant a tree under the guidance of The Jewish National Fund (JNF).

Kids, as well as adults, in synagogues all over the world have been donating money to plant a tree in Israel. Sometimes it is for a special holiday and sometimes it is to commemorate an occasion. These trees have turned some parts of Israel from a barren wasteland into a forest.
So it was appropriate for us to plant a tree. I have to say it was a little kitschy. The guide from the JNF talked in a disinterested monotone trying to finish his speech as quickly as he could because he had other groups waiting. Our group was given this flat of pistachio seedlings to plant in pre-dug holes.
This week while trying to choose a topic for my WW, I chose this tree planting. The tree planting connected my childhood to my long awaited trip to Israel with my current life. Those dollars we sent helped to make Israel green. I am a part of that country. So the insignificant event became so significant to me in retrospect.


  1. a great interpretation of the theme, well done!

  2. What a nice idea to remember your trip!

  3. I remember when we planted "roots" in Israel - one of our first aliyah experiences never to be forgotten. I hope that your roots may grow in time to come. I look forward to meeting you again. I'm so pleased you did the tree planting. Much love.

  4. It is wonderful that you found meaning in an activity that has become mundane to some!

  5. It is wonderful that you found meaning and connection in an activity that has become mundane to some.

  6. Couldn't be a better representation of the JNF mission. I'd really love to see all of these in person. Thanks for sharing. Bobby.


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