Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday's Wanderings #8 - Israel or Bust

I am wandering around Israel as you read this.  I prepared this WW block before I left. 
The books and map were printed on fabric and then fused. 
 I used book covers from for the images.

I use fabric that is sold for putting through an inkjet printer.  It is pretreated so that the image is permanent and won't wash out.  My favorite brand?  EQ Printables.  No matter which brand you use, these sheets are very expensive.  Before I print on the fabric, I do trial printings with paper.

I can then adjust the size and the color if necessary, before I do the final printing.
I stitched the words by hand with floss and added the cute detail of the suitcase handle.



  1. So cool, Cheryl! I hope you brought it with you.:)

  2. Are you actually using the dictionaries? Or are 'they' using english? Mark is a fan of finger talking....pointer, particularly!

  3. It looks great! Hope you are having a good time.

  4. I hope you are enjoying yourself. I thought of you today with all the news from IRan I hope your trip hasnt been effected.

  5. Have a great time...


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