Friday, April 20, 2012

Sick As A Dog

I have been as sick as a dog. 
 Last night my fever broke and I woke up feeling better.

Last Monday I went on a quilting getaway with my group of quilting friends.  I didn't know it at the time, but my friend Terry drove me due to our now resolved car situation.  My plan was to get half of the chuppah done.  I did stitch around one of the branches. (Use your imagination.)

After Kelly's amazing lunch of soup and Bloomin Bread, which was slit and slit and then stuffed with cheese and then baked, I remember laying down on the couch in the room where we were sewing. The next thing I knew I woke up on a different couch in a different room and it was Tuesday morning. 

What were my "friends" thinking? Didn't they think I laid down on the couch and never woke up? Did they say we should wake her for dinner? Should we wake her so she can change her clothes for bed? (not that the concept of sleeping in my clothes is foreign to me.)  Did they make sure I was breathing?  OK, I'm getting a bit melodramatic.

I felt like crap when I woke up.  My throat was so sore I could hardly talk.  I knew I had to get home.  If I had my car with me, I couldn't have driven - so that was a good thing.  So I called my hero, my DH.  Can you please come and get me, I croaked?  It's only about 2 hours away.

That was Tuesday.  My temperature was as high as 103.  I even dragged myself to the DR and she told me it was viral.  You know what that means??? No medicine!!!!

My throat hurt so much it was pretty much impossible to eat anything other than Jello and ices.  Rita's water ice was the best. So the silver lining is I lost 5 lbs.  Now if I can only keep it off.


  1. Glad you are a little better.

  2. Cute picture. So glad your fever broke! Tell your DH he is one in a million! I know you are probably a bit bored from laying around, but don't do too much too soon. Sit and sew and watch some fun movies. I bet Bailey will help cheer you up. Hope you are feeling good as new real soon and driving around in your Blue Heaven!

  3. Spring colds always seem to be the worst, sure hope you feel better soon.


  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  5. Oh Cheryl, I am so sorry this happened to you! And I would have been frightened and upset, too, waking up in a different room on a different sofa. Fever and sore throats are the worst -- thank goodness for our DHs!! I broke my foot falling down some stairs on Thursday morning, and waited until Friday to have my husband take me to the doctor. And he had been gone for a month and traveled 2 days to get home on Thursday night. He was tired, but still took me to the doctor and now is taking care of me -- a klutz on crutches. And, of course, all I want to do is sew.....but foot is swollen and needs to be elevated. Anyway, dear Cheryl, get well soon. I need to catch up on your previous blog entries -- I am behind schedule ....dumb foot thing.... Keep blogging! I love to hear what you are up too!


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