Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday's Wanderings #17 - My Blue Heaven

Sometimes a girl just wants to have fun.
My new ride. I call it Blue Heaven.
Top down with that cute little dog - Bailey.
I see lots of road trips in our future!

So to future Wednesday's Wanderings -

I really love fusible applique. My favorite machine stitch to use to secure it is a blanket stitch.
 It gives me the freedom of design and it certainly is a great way to add words to a quilty piece.

My favorite thread to use is rayon.  It is shiny and adds a bit of a sparkle.


  1. Congrats Cheryl! How fun! I hope you have many happy hours in your new car! You did a great job on the car and your fabric choices and words make it a very happy block!

  2. When I met my husband the first time, he had a blue bug.
    I made a little hanging from the first time and trip we took to see aerosmith.


  3. I'm totally revved up by how you accelerated the sweet, sassy metallic blue into a retro paisley print, the perfect emotional kick to convey the retro attitude of the bug. Vroom, girlfriend!--Eleanor Levie

  4. Totally revved by the blue paisley--it accelerates the retro attitude. V'roommm!

  5. Cheryl, want a lovely little car and what a geat quilt block. I loved the print and thought it was perfect. I have always wanted a convertable. I am definitely a Convertable Girl. Maggie

  6. Hi Cheryl! What a great car! Love the photo of you and your adorable dog, and with spring blooming in the background! The art quilt you made of the car -- wow! the car fabric is perfect! Have fun!!! We seem to be stuck in winter here -- still snowing!

  7. When did this happen? You look great in your blue ride catching the wind! congratulations!

  8. Too cute...the block...the car...the dog and you! Can't wait to see where you wander to next!


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