Saturday, October 12, 2013


Yesterday I was in a bit of a punky mood.  Was it because it was raining and grey here in Eastern Pennsylvania or am I having Henry withdrawal?  To lift my mood, I re-visited the photos I took during a recent workshop.  The workshop was titled "Chic Shin".
I designed it especially for this group based on my Embellished Beauties,
 using lots of silk, beads, sequins and buttons.
Shin is a Hebrew letter that stands for  many wonderful aspects of Judaism.
This was the biennial convention of the Pomegranate Guild for Jewish Needlework and this year they met in Philadelphia, so I was very lucky to be invited to teach. The guild is named after the pomegranate because it is a significant symbol with a rich history in ancient Jewish culture.  In addition tradition says that there are 613 seeds inside of one and this corresponds to  613 good deeds, or commandments.  (I don't know of anyone who has counted!)This beautiful fruit also grows abundantly in Israel.  Many of the ladies wore beautiful pomegranate jewelry.
I had a great group of ladies in my class that came from all over the country - California, New Mexico, Long Island and of course lots from NJ and PA. Here we all are at the closing dinner:
It looks like they all had a good time.
I met a bunch of quilters that I have gotten to know on-line.
Diane, Cathy and Me
Plus I got to meet Lauree Feigenbaum.
Lauree is the owner of 1-800-Dreidel

It's an on-line site that carries lots of Judaic crafts and fabric, including my patterns.
 I have done business with her for over 10 years and we had never met.

I provided kits for the project and I have a few extra. It includes all of the materials along with directions.  If you would like one, visit my etsy shop called "Sewing With Silk".  
 Hurry, because I don't think they will last very long.
You can find my book there also that has a lot of other embellished projects. 
Rumor has it that the next meeting in 2015 will be in Arizona.
Keep tuned.
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  1. It was an amazing few days! I loved the class, since bling and embellishment are part of who I am. Life with color brightens everything and cheers us all. Thanks , I can't wait to do more of these lovelies! My inspirational juices are flowing.

  2. We had wind and stormy looking weather, but no rain, so perfect of walking.
    Love the projects and it looks like a fun get together.


  3. Your class looks like students had lots of fun. I love 1-800-Dreidel and have purchased fabric from there.

  4. I love the piece you designed for your class! Beautiful colors!
    I would love to make one, but I am not Jewish -- but I still think it is very special!
    Reading through your blog -- I just can not believe how busy you are and you are cycling through it all!

  5. It was great meeting you! I should have the project done shortly and look forward to using your book when I create future embellished pieces.


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