Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunday In The Saddle

My favorite bicycle rides are when I have a destination. It gives me a purpose and it's a good feeling to be car-free. The destination this Sunday was to go to visit my grandson, Henry.  He lives in the East Falls section of Philadelphia.  The Schuykill River Trail is my choice of route.  Why? Because there are no cars and I can ride with bailey in my basket.
This is what I found when my DH went to drop us off at the Betzwood Trailhead.
It was closed!
The parking for the trailhead is part of the Valley Forge National Park. 
I just don't get it.  It's a parking lot with a couple of picnic tables.  For Pete's sake.
Thank you to all those hard "working politicians" who are acting like children 
and can't compromise to come to an agreeable solution.  I don't make it a practice of voicing my political views, and this closed parking lot is nothing compared to what some people are going through, but I say, VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!! 
Anyway, there was an office building on the other side of the road with access to the trail.  Yay!
It was a heck of a ride with an unbelievable head wind. I wish I had been riding in the other direction. (The wind at your back makes you feel like you could ride the Tour de France.)
 Even Bailey was not happy.  She sat facing me most of the ride.
I met my hubby a few miles from East Falls.  We swapped Bailey (who has not met Henry yet) for Suzy Joe's absolutely delicious donuts.
I earned one after that bike ride.
 With the box of donuts in my basket, I headed off to finish my ride.
 to my final destination
where a  wonderful reward was waiting inside.
Jersey: Just regular clothes on my hybrid
Miles:17.2 (approximate)
Avg mph:??
Time in the saddle:????
Real time: 2 Hours
Why all the ????? Because someone, I'm not saying who, was trying to remount my computer and zeroed it out! Hrmph...  That computer is sacred to me.  But I guess I will forgive him.  He did bring the donuts.

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  1. Id like to know how much money was spent closing open places. I think there needs to be an investigation and heads should role. Open parks should be open.

  2. Do I see coconut donuts inside that box?

  3. That is funny, but not, same thing happened to us today. I never realized our bird sanctuaries were national parks. The first one had blocks at the entrance, so we went around to the other park which is state owned. Well, the park was open and people were there, but when we got to the end of the road, it was blocked, they own that part of the park so no use, geez. So, we went down to the ocean and walked along the cliff paths and on the way home, stopped at the bike shop. Guess what I got for an early bday present, lol. It is smaller than my regular bike, so I can put my feet down and I rode around the school today and really enjoyed being out without worry of falling. Now if I didn't slip on moss yesterday and bang myself


  4. I agree, Vote Them All Out!!! On a lighter note, I am so glad you got to go for a ride with Bailey, enjoyed a donut and best of all, got to see Henry!

  5. Yup, I've been saying to vote 'em all out for YEARS now...just a voice in the forest...which is now closed. How ironic! And that headwind you spoke of? When we worked at the state park in Florida, our primary means of transportation was our bicycles..and it didn't seem to matter what time of day, what road or trail, or what our destination, we ALWAYS, ALWAYS had a headwind. Which is really weird, because, sometimes, just to test out our theory, we would head one direction, then turn around, just to see - and daggumed if the wind didn't turn with us. ALWAYS. ALWAYS a headwind. Oh well, what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger, right? We were surely strong-legged (and tanned) that winter!


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