Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bailey Is Ready

We all have our "to do" lists as we get ready to leave for Key West. Bailey only had one thing on her list.

She needed to get her "Key West cut", or as I sometimes call it the boy's summer special.

(Sorry Bailey, I know you're a girl, but you do have a mustache. )

Off to the groomer she went and was greeted by the biggest dog ever.


The transformation from a wooly, chubby, little sheep to a sleek, skinny dog is amazing.

It must be nice for her to be done with her list. I'm still working on mine.

It was quite a coincidence that I received a wonderful link from my friend Liz, on the same day. This video, God Made A Dog, summarizes why I love my dog with all my heart.



  1. Bailey looks sharp in his new cut and he will be happy when he gets down to Florida and the warm weather and walks on the beach.


  2. I think Bailey just had her "Brazillian" summer cut. Too cute. She is definitely ready for warmer weather. Enjoy.


  3. Cutest little rag-a-muffin ever! y'all travel safe & stay warm!


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