Sunday, March 16, 2014

AQS Lancaster Quilt Show

It was a relatively quick visit this year. I never made it past the first floor. "Bailey" was displayed in a great place. You couldn't miss her. I did a bit of shopping and bought a bunch of Peppered cottons. I've been working a lot with solids lately. These shot cottons by Pepper Corey remind me of silk.


The other fabrics that I have recently acquired, I have earmarked for clothes for Henry - lined shorts and/or pants. I think they will look cute with a contrasting cuff, when they are turned up.


And I bought these mini hair bands. They are perfect for keeping bobbins tidy. I heard you can buy them in the baby department of some big box stores. They were inexpensive enough at the show.

Most of the time I was at the show, I spent connecting with friends and women I've met in my workshops. And I had a great visit with Fiona, the owner of Wonderfil threads. She has become a great mentor to me. Ooh, I just love thread collections. This is rayon.

I'm heading to NYC this week to stock up on silk. Lots of kits to make up for a workshop at the end of the month.


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  1. That thread collection is beautiful! Oh, and I love the solid fabrics too!


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