Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Good News x3

They say bad things happen in threes. I think good things happen in threes too. Or at least they should.

The best news was that my friend Lynne Laino won the Beringer Great Steak Challenge cooking contest. I met her at my quilt guild. She had never made a quilt, but just loved them. ( She has since become a bonafide quilter.) She has been entering cooking contests for quite some time and wins from time to time. Whenever our guild has an auction, she donates a meal! It is a heavily contested item and brings in lots of money.

Her best buddies made the announcement at out meeting today and presented her with a huge bouquet of flowers and a bottle of Beringer wine. She won $25,000. You can find her winning recipe HERE.



March 15th is National Quilting Day. To celebrate The quilt Show is making all of its shows and episodes available for FREE! Celebrate International Quilting Day with me and beginning Friday, March 14 through Sunday, March 16.

Everyone who signs on to will have FREE access to over 160 WebTV shows featuring some of the top quilting instructors in the world. You can also enter the TQS prize drawing with a grand prize of a BERNINA 550QE and wonderful fabric prizes. So check in at on Friday, March 14, and enjoy the shows and exploring The Quilt Show website. You can start with my show, Episode #811.”


Kickstarter is a website that helps to raise money for entrepreneurs and their products. A few weeks ago I decided to be a backer for one of those projects - a spunky little quilter blossoms in Kristy's Quilt by Brandy Lynn Maslowski. It's a children's book written to encourage young people to quilt. Here's the link: Kristy's Quilt

The reward for being a backer is that you are rewarded with the product that is being developed based on how much you invest. I am going to receive a hard backed copy of "Kristys Quilt" when it is published. It will be the first children's book in my quilting library.

The good news is that Brandy has reached her funding goal! Yay! But you can still invest if you would like. Check it out.



  1. I want that book! I have an extensive children's quilting books library. I so wish for a quilting grandchild!

  2. How wonderful for your cooking friend. and thanks for the quilt show tip. I'm signing up and enjoying the viewings for the weekend. We deserve it after putting up with another snow storm this week. Quilting never gets old but snowstorms sure do!

  3. Cheryl, you are so sweet to include me in your blog!!! What an exciting day! We have such a nice Guild!

  4. Cheryl, thank you so much for mentioning me on your wonderful blog! It was so exciting to be surprised with flowers and wine and share my win with the Guild. It was like winning all over again!
    And thanks for sharing the info on The Quilt Show videos, I know what I'm going to be doing for a few days!


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