Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Wouldn't Want To Live There

Where? New York City! I love to visit. There is always something new to discover, but there is way too much noise and way too many people for me.

Each time I make a trip to the garment district, I try to visit a new place- that is, new to me. This week it was B&J Fabrics. Sometimes it's an adventure just to find a store. We first saw it from the sidewalk a half a block away. Into the vestibule of a building and an elevator ride to the 2nd floor brought us to the foyer of this amazing fabric store. Most shops don't have quilting cotton, but there was a nice section with some very interesting fabric there. Of course I had to buy some bicycle fabric and I bought some fabric for a special friend that I know she will like. And they put my purchase in this cute little bag.

And check out this velvet.
Gorgeous Velvet

I made this trip to NYC to buy silk for an upcoming workshop. I went a little overboard, but these dupioni silks are so hard to resist. Each one makes me swoon.

We had a newbie with us, so I had to take her to some of my favorite shops: Daytona Trim, Beads World and M&J Trimmings to see all of the wonderful eye candy.

Home Dec Trim

We went to a new place for lunch too. Ben's is a true Kosher Deli. It's in the middle of the garment district and it will definitely be on my list from now on.

Adorable mini knitted sweaters saying, the right way to knit.

It's always fun to visit. But now I have to go cut up all that silk.



  1. I went to NY once and didn't stay long, way too closed in for me, lol.
    Looks like you had a fun time and that is a great place for fabrics and accessories, way too much eye candy.


  2. I live in Brooklyn. I guess I'm just used to the crowds and noise. thanks for the info about B&J. I didn't know about it. Did you make it to City Quilter on West 25th St?

  3. What a fun trip you had! Love all those pretty fabrics and sparkly beads. Looks like you are all set with some silks!

  4. My husband and I go to NYC once a year and always try to visit the garment district. On year we ate at Ben's and loved it but when we went again the following year is was just horrible so we've never been back. We may have to try it again on our next visit. BTW, we always go to Mood, just because. :-)

  5. So much color! I'm color drunk with your post-- in a good way!

  6. You definitely need to lead tours. I wish I went with you!


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