Sunday, April 27, 2014

Curvalicious Quilt v.2

It's time for annuals. I splurged yesterday and bought 2 of these beautiful baskets.
Recently we had a speaker visit our guild who said that gray is just not catching on. Well, I beg to differ and I think many others would agree with me.
I made this quilt using my Curvalicious tool. It has to be the easiest quilt ever, with a one piece background. It was such a beautiful day today that I just wanted to be outside. Bailey and I had fun staging the quilt around the yard.

This is the pattern up close. The grey is the background.
I bought the backing fabric from a shop that was closing its doors. It was perfect for this quilt. I love those monkeys.
I am working on a how to video to go with my original one. I'll keep you posted. But I could use help with a name.
This morning I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Cathy Perlmutter, a very creative quilter, who owns Curvalicious. She designed a very unique quilt and wrote a blog post that made me laugh so hard that I almost wet my pants! I am so excited about what she did. Take a look:
Tell Cathy I sent you!


  1. What does he know about gray? bailey looks very cute next to the quilt!

  2. Monkeys on a vine? Ha! See if you ask me again for a name.

  3. Cheryl, your quilt looks like a waterfall! Grey is one of my favorite neutrals and I use it all the time.


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