Saturday, May 24, 2014

Getting Ready

I'm getting ready for a vacation trip to Budapest and Prague. I always have a list of things to do.   If you are a book reader, part of trip preparation is making sure you have enough reading material.  If you are a quilter, the most important part of trip prep is making sure you have handwork.  And that is the first item on my list.  This trip involves a long plane ride accompanied by layovers that are quite lengthy.  I have been thinking about what to bring for a couple of weeks. It had to be compact.

I don't do a lot of handwork these days. My sewing machine is  I applique by machine and I even put my bindings on completely by machine.  But I do love stitching circles down by hand.  So this hand project would be the start of a new Curvalicious quilt.  Some women in my workshops used batiks.  I liked them a lot, so that was my choice.

My fabrics- washed and ready to go.

The pieced background

with the appliques

I had to prep about 200 circles.

Then fused a bunch of them to the curvy strips for stitching.

I like using rayon thread to stitch down the circles.  Since I wanted to minimize the stuff in my carry on luggage, I wound bobbins with the thread and put them in this great red bobbin keeper.  I have high hopes that my threads won't get tangled.

I am relieved that my handwork is prepared.  
Now I can focus on cleaning the house and packing my clothes.
Prague, here I come!

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