Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

OK. I know it is a little early for Memorial Day, but our guild challenge was Wednesday.  It was a paint chip challenge.  Anyone who wanted to participate was given 3 paint chip colors to use to make a quilt that was at least 24" x 24". 
These were my colors.
Red, white and gold! To me, it said PATRIOTIC
It was an opportunity to use the Curvalicious tool in a new way
 to create a quilt that had a flag waving in the breeze feeling to it.  

Read on if you want to see how I created the quilt with this tool:

The first step is to cut the fusible wavy strips.  
Start with 1 yard of the white fabric or whichever one is the applique.
After washing, cut it to 28" x width of the fabric (or selvedge to selvedge.)
Back this with fusible web and then remove the paper. Fold in half, right sides together.
The curvy strips for this quilt are offset.  To cut the strips, after cutting one, line the tool up for the next one using the cut edge of the first one. 

7 strips are needed.

Using 1 yard of the red fabric, press a crease down the middle, parallel to the selvedge edges.
Align one of the curvy strips on top of the crease as the spine for the quilt top.
The best way to do this is to fold the strip in half and line it up with the ironed fold.
The first strip in place.
The wavy look is achieved by offsetting the strips.
Use a ruler to make sure they are 1" apart, from bulb to bulb.

Work outwards from the middle strip towards both side edges.

 until all of the strips re fused down.
Trim the top and bottom if needed.
After fusing all of the strips, stitch them down.
(I like a blanket stitch.)
.Make 10 star blocks that measure 7" unfinished. I made mine "liberated".

 Create a top and bottom border with 5 blocks each.

 Add enough fabric on each of the sides so they measure the same width as the body of the quilt
Then add  3" borders on each side.
It was such a beautiful day, that I took photographing the quilt as an excuse to play outside.

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  1. Patriotic Curvalicious is just absolutely Fabulicious! I love it Cheryl...thanks for sharing...I can't wait to dive into my Red,White & the liberated stars too...looks like my other projects will have to go on 'hold'....I won't be happy until I can give this a try!

  2. It's a lovely quilt! I love patriotic things, but quilts especially.

  3. Thanks for sharing your challenge project with us. How fun! I love it because it is patriotic! HUGS... and stitches


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