Thursday, April 16, 2015

Do You IKEA?

I met a colleague for lunch this week ( and it was near IKEA in Conshohocken.  I have been thinking about lighting for my booth at the Syracuse AQS show this summer (yes, I am taking the Curvalicious plunge), so I decided to pop into IKEA.  I have not been there for years.  I need to go more often.  The colors and designs of the Swedish aesthetic just made my heart sing.

 If you live near one, put it on your "to do" list.  If there is not one near you, look for one when you go on vacation. In addition to their modern, inexpensive products, it is a shopping experience as you are directed through the maze of merchandise - everything from furniture to kitchen supplies to children's items to fabric - yes fabric! And don't forget to bring your appetite for their Swedish meatballs.
Here are a bunch of photos.  Tomorrow, I'll show you a photo of what I bought for Henry.

 Modern neutral bedding.  They celebrate grey.

Their displays are a study in color blocking.
 Love this gift wrap.
 I love these lamps, but they don't quite fit into my decor.

Summer anyone?
And fabric! Decorator weight.
 It was hard to take photos.  This pink and orange with these unusual animals was my favorite. (OOps,I had trouble rotating the photo.)  I have become a sucker for orange and pink thanks to a friend of mine.
 And I couldn't leave the store without a treat.

So what did I buy?
- A clock for my still in progress exercise studio
- Hanging clips for my quilts for my booth display
- A lamp to experiment with for my booth
- A bag of Swedish Fish
- A surprise for Henry


  1. You used very good self-control! I love that place and it's a very good thing it's so far away!! My favorite purchase is for my sewing room at the beach - the RASKOG Utility Cart!
    It's amazing and only $29.99! I can't wait to see what else you bought!
    And Woo Hoo! Syracuse!!!

  2. I do IKEA. Just bought a lamp for myself and a friend. Another blogger suggested it, but my senior brain can't remember which! It is a LED table lamp that flexes so one can point it just where needed and way cheaper than another brand. Thanks for the tour - must go in and see their fabric.

  3. I was thinking of attending the show, but the dates don't work out as I have a school reunion in Nova Scotia that is at the same time. Hopefully, Syracuse will be on their yearly schedule so I'll get there another year. I do attend a quilt retreat with a guild in the area, so will let them know that you will be there with your Curvalicious. Take care, Roz

  4. oh I do Ikea! where are the cinnamon rolls? omg I can't leave without having one :)

  5. I love ikea too. Did you fib and not tell us about the sticky buns?


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