Saturday, April 18, 2015


I just looked at the label on the back of the quilt on which I am working.  September 2014! That is the date that this I one of  bound it.  So why am I still quilting it?

I'm trying to resurrect this beautiful dupioni silk quilt.  I did one of those things you should never do as a quilter and I should have known better.  I went to town on the borders and quilted them verrrry heavily.

That in itself would have been fine except the rest of the quilt was not quilted so heavily.  It has ended up being a puffy, billowy, wonky quilt.  I needed to fix it.  With all the time I have spent designing it, putting it together in sections and quilting it, I couldn't relegate it to the back of the closet.

My solution has been to add more quilting to the body of the quilt.  This has been a painstaking, long term project because of the quilting design.  There have been lots of threads to tie off and I am still tying.

Then I will block it and keep my fingers crossed that it lays flat.  After that I can finally embellish it with buttons and beads and sequins, and share the entire quilt.

My time spent quilting and blogging has slowed due to a wonderful opportunity.  I now get to spend 2 days a week with my 18 month old grandson.When he grabs my hand to take me some place, my heart melts.  The same thing happens when he giggles as Bailey eats the bubbles from his bubble lawn mower.  So I could not resist the circus tent during my visit ti IKEA this week.  What kid doesn't love a tent, especially with a dog trying to eat your snack!

It's also time to announce the winner for my Grey Day Giveaway.  Michele T, claim your prize!


  1. Can't wait to see your quilt and LOVE the tent!!!

  2. can't wait for the reveal - what a fun fun tent!

  3. Enjoy those precious moments as
    they go quickly. We will patiently wait.

  4. Cheryl, my Welcome to Lewes quilt had the binding on and I still needed to finish some of the quilting because I finished it last minute to get it into the retreat challenge a couple years ago (I need the label now). What a gorgeous quilt you have made! Please post the entire quilt when you've finished!
    I just LOVE the little tent! What little one wouldn't love his own private tent? So special! Have fun!


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