Tuesday, June 23, 2015


My trip to France is still on my mind.  I do love France and feel so comfortable there.  If it weren't for my fluffy best friend, I would love to spend a month, exploring and creating in this wonderful country. I find it so inspirational.

Here are the last photos I'll share from the trip.  You may see some of these elements showing up in my quilts in the future. I just never know, but I can tell you that some ideas are swirling in my head already.


  1. You take beautiful photos Cheryl! I love the old fashioned pram filled with Rosemary! I know you're getting quilt ideas.

  2. Wonderful photos for inspiration, I can imagine how wonderful your trip was.
    We are on vacation and trying to make the best of it. We got a house on the maine coast and love the area and being on the water, but the house is so musty, it is making me sick and we are sleeping on the couch since the mattress is way too old to even be considered a mattress;) Tomorrow the sun will be back out and we are going to visit an old town and I can get some photos and enjoy time outdoors.


  3. I love the flowers (roses?) on the fountain, gorgeous!

  4. Whoa! You have an AMAZING eye, Cheryl! Every one of those is a stunning quilt!!! The mosaic floor is insane. Thank you so much for sharing these images!

  5. Wow, makes me want to travel to France! there are inspirational. I can see some great projects coming out of any of these!


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