Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tag Team Quilting

The Cooper quilt top is done.  It was used as a sample to demo the techniques used to create the mosaic pet quilt during the 3 day retreat. My DIL, Loren and I worked on it together. 
 I call it Tag Team Quilting.

I started it to teach my techniques and eventually give it to Loren and my son.  She saw me working on it and asked if she could help.  She was hooked and stayed to help with the first retreat.  (She is also an excellent cook.)  She took over piecing the individual blocks for the details of Cooper's face.  While she sewed, I cooked and slept.  I pinned up a bunch of the background and sewed together all the individual squares.  While I sewed, she cooked and slept.  I'm an early bird and she can be a night owl.  It worked out so perfectly.
Tag Team Quilting!

I usually don't toot my own horn, but I was so touched when I received this email from one of the retreat participants.  I blushed when I read it and was thrilled that she was happy with her retreat experience.  To know that the hours of prep work, both physically and mentally,  that I put into any teaching project that I do, is so rewarding for me.  It's why I do what I do.  

" Cheryl, the retreat honestly exceeded my expectations. The location was idyllic, the project was organized and really well presented, the instruction was clear , the techniques ably demonstrated and you balanced perfectly between providing support and having each of us take the necessary leap of faith in ourselves to 'piece'....or maybe that was just me!  Add to that the five star menu, the walks, the kayaking....just a delightful week end. I will treasure it always and I look forward to seeing everyone's finished portraits and to our reunion. Of course, Bailey-Girl, being Cheryl's inspiration for the project deserves all the kudos for the event!!"


  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE IT !! Cheryl, did you use a fusible grid as a backing? (I took a mosaic class with fusible grid and never finished because I could not get the look I wanted....2000 - 2" squares in color gradiated bins waiting on me to gain the courage). What did you do to get your photo ready so you had pixels? I have the idea in my head but can't get it on the computer printed out....Did you use PAINT or another software? Now, back to your retreat...this sounds like a lot of work for both of you......you cooked and taught and sewed??? Bless you....I've already looked at your info for next year....oh the possibilities.... If you can sneak away; come visit our Quilt Show in Lewes Delaware next month -show details http://oceanwavesquiltguild.org/qs15.html . I am showing my SILK wall hanging I made in class in May 2014. :)

  2. I want to go to your retreat!!! When and where is the next one???
    Tag team quilting sounds WONDERFUL, too!!!!


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