Sunday, August 16, 2015

Floor Cloths, The Fusco Way

Teresa Fusco is an amazing quilter and teacher. She is not afraid of color. She visited my quilt guild, Calico Cutters and I was lucky to take her floor cloth workshop with my DIL. It was a very fun day and not having to pack up and schlep my sewing machine was a bonus. 

The floor cloths are created by gluing fabric to a linoleum base. 
My DIL is a natural. She loves crafting, as she calls it. 

This is her floor cloth In progress. She is going to use it in her kitchen. I love the coffee cups. 
Teresa spent 2 nights with me. We had a home cooked meal the first night, thanks to my hubby. The second night we went out to a local restaurant, which was perfect after a busy day of gluing fabric! Creating is such tiring work. Ha! During dinner we decided to head home and make a Curvalicious floor cloth. I cut out the pieces for her and while she was working on that floor cloth, I was finishing mine from class. 
The purple batik was the one that Don made in Bali!
Here are both of mine. 
Both of us glued down the circles. 
If you want to learn more about Teresa and see some of her quilts, you can visit her website: 

At our guild's regular monthly meeting the next day, I was so happy to see a finished Beachalicious by Beth McNutt. 

And a Curvalicious quilt in progress by Jean Fox. This is such an unusual design. 


  1. Wonderful way to make floor cloths. I bought rug backing to paint on, but still need to make one;)
    Love the sailboat quilt.


  2. Teresa was an amazing speaker, so funny and entertaining! I love your floor cloths! Beth's Curvalicious beach quilt and Jean's star are gorgeous!!!

  3. I would love to make a floor cloth! All looks great!

  4. I looked up her name, but couldn't find how to do the floor cloths - is there something you do to the back of the linoleum before you use the mod podge glue? Do you varnish with something else when you are done Cheryl? Have made them before with canvas, we used gesso first....and when it was finished, we coated the whole thing twice with waterproof varnish, letting it dry between coats.

  5. What a fun workshop. I agree, Theresa has always been a fun and inspirational teacher!


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