Sunday, August 23, 2015


The Jewish High Holidays(HH) mark the end of summer for me.  They will be here soon and I will be sad that the summer will disappear. Three years ago, I made two HH covers for my synagogue, Temple Sholom, in Broomall.

This year I was asked to make 2 more companion covers for the other 2 Torahs  that we have in our possession. The clergy loved the pomegranate quilting so much that they wanted that included in the new covers.  We decided to continue with the panels in the bottom center and chose 2 more holiday themes.

The new ones were the Torah

And for the second one Ithey chose the Etrog and Lulav, symbolic of the holiday, Sukkot.

I started making the Torah covers as a wrap around quilt.  The Rabbi and I came up with this idea as a collaboration.
with a wooden top
The tops for these covers were handcrafted by a fellow congregant named Richard Wagner.  He did a beautiful job and carved the edges:
The lip has Velcro and so does the cover.  It makes it easy on and easy off.  This facilitates storage and cleaning, since these covers are only used for less than a month.
It will be a joy to see these in use this year.  I feel like a Mother Hen when I sit among the other congregants and watch the clergy open the ark and take out the Torah with "my" cover on it.

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  1. They are beautiful! Yasher Koach!

  2. Beautiful, as is everything you do. All the best, Roz

  3. So lovely.You WILL be like a Mother Hen. I miss seeing you.

  4. Lovely! so does the wooden top get used for other scroll covers as well?

    1. Yes Brenda. Since we came up with this idea after I had made some Torah covers, I retrofitted the older ones with Velcro. Now they are all interchangeable. Easy on, easy off! Makes storage much easier too.

  5. The pomegranate quilting is so lovely and elegant.

  6. I am so impressed by you I can hardly stand it. Love the Curvilicious tool and tutorial, too! You rock, lady!! If you'll be at PNQE, tell me when, and if we can coordinate schedules, I'd love to meet you and give you a hug!


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