Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

We have a wonderful vacation  house on a small lake in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.  I spent a good part of each summer with my 2 boys there while they were growing up.  Their father would come up on the weekend.  It was a true Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn kind of childhood.  We all have such nice memories.  So much so that my oldest son got married on the lake last November.  We don't get there as much as we should these days, but I do make sure that my at quilt group manages to have a getway there at the end of each summer.

The dock is integral to much of the fun -  location of many meals and home to many hours of fishing.  After many winters of the lake freezing and thawing, the posts started leaning, taking the rest of the dock with it.

It was certainly difficult to balance your dinner on you lap without worrying about ending up in the lake.  Forget about those glasses of wine.   I would take the seat closest to the edge - just in case.

                                                                              So for Father's Day, my husband asked for a work weekend from our adult  boys, to fix the dock.  He had built the original dock about 15 years ago and he wanted to rebuild it so it would last another 15 years.  It turned out  to be a wonderful idea.  Level dock, happy husband, happy quilting friends, happy boys.

Tranquility again!

One other job was doing a little trimming of the spruce trees.  After hearing a bird squawking away, my one son noticed a birds nest.
Upon closer inspection, he saw a bunch of baby birds, that we guessed were robins, packed in like sardines, barely moving, very young.  The youngest I had ever seen.
Oh, how I love the mountains.

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