Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Sharpie Marker Quilt

Sometimes, we as quilters get so hung up on technique, and the proper way to do everything.  There's the right kind of fabric and the right kind of thread and the right kind of drawing implements to write on our quilts.  Well imagine how surprised I was when I drove from PA to CT to go to a baby shower and "the activity" was decorating muslin squares with Sharpie Markers.  A friend of the Grandmother-to-be (a non-quilter) was going to make them into a quilt for the mother-to-be.

There was one of these quilts there as a sample, that was clearly used and loved. 

My initial hesitancy disappeared.  I controlled myself from volunteering to put the quilt together - since this friend had done a great job in the past - and when I saw how much fun everyone had decorating their squares, I was hooked. 

What a great gift that will give years of joy.  But, just a warning if you decide to do this yourself - the marker will bleed through the fabric onto your table.  Use some type of protection.

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