Sunday, June 13, 2010

Torah Cover #3 Heal The World

Time to get back on track and create the third and last torah cover.  The theme for this cover is "Tikkun Olam" or  Heal The World.  This is one of my favorite practices of the Jewish religion.  It originated in the 16th century and includes anything from helping the homeless to being environmentally healthy.  It's what we call today social action. 

This is the drawing of my original design.  The world is broken and it needs to come together to be repaired.  As I look back on this, from my pesentation,  I am surprised that is was chosen.  My colored pencil drawings just do not do the fiber torah cover justice.  The silk is so much richer and luxurious than paper and pencil.

I started with a piece of batting that was bigger than the finished torah cover.  I used many of the different colors of the silk dupioni that I had used in the other two torah coves.  This would bring unity and a cohesiveness to the 3 covers.  To develop the design I cut strips from each silk and then layed them out on the batting.  This was the basis for the cove.  Next I sewed the silk dupioni into vertical sections.

This is the torah cover constructed from the strips.  My plan was to construct the cover using the batting as a base, with a technique that we quilters call "sew and flip".  This ends up as a "quilt" that is pieced and quilted at the same time.

Next step:  Torah Cover construction.

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