Saturday, June 19, 2010

Knitting, One Project At A Time

I finished my fickle finger scarf.  Yipppeee!

This is what it looks like rolled up.  It looks very sculptural.  I like it.

Or rolled out:

I can't wait to wear it.  Too bad it is 80 degrees outside.

Unlike with quilting, I really felt I had to finish one knitting project before I started another.  I don't think I could stand another collection of UFOs.  So now I can start my self-fringing shawl.  I bought this hand dyed yarn at the Maryland Sheep & Wool festival in May.  I think it will be a lovely accessory when I lecture to quilt guilds.  It should go pretty fast.  The directions call for casting on 140 stitches with size 17 needles. 

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  1. Knitting UFOs are not as fun as quilting ones BUT they are portable! ck


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