Saturday, December 17, 2011

The 1356 Mile Project

When going on vacation, the first thing I plan is what I am going to bring for handwork.  Sometimes it is an easy decision. Other times I have to come up with a new project.  I gather  all my materials along with my designs, thread, needlecase and scissors and put them in a zip lock baggie. It becomes difficult at this point to not start the project until I am on the road.  It is especially difficult if I am very excited about it.

The road trip that I just completed was from Pennsylvania to Key West, Florida - a total of 1356 miles.  We planned it over 2 1/2 days so that we could have a short visit with my sister-in-law. There was a bonus while visiting my SIL.  She asked if I would like to go see this house covered with lights.  I don't think she knew how much this Jewish girl loves Christmas lights - the more, the better.  Check this out:

The whole yard was fenced in.  Families were waiting for them to open the gates so the children could wander around.  We didn't wait.

For my project, I prepared all the applique and fused it to the background. It measures about 16"x20".
 I used 3 strands of floss to stitch everything down through only a piece of low loft batting.

I am not going to quilt it since I am placing it under a piece of glass.  I like using the batting to prevent my stitches from puckering.

 The project lasted me 2 days. I did run out of a tiny little bit of cotton floss. 

I love my little country houses.  It will be placed in a glass topped night table in the Poconos.  But I won't be able to do that until after the winter.  I'll keep you posted.

 Today is also the last day of The Blog Hop Party. I thank everyone for taking the time to visit my blog and my etsy shop to look at my dupioni silk.  I have used a random number generator to pick the winner.  The winner of a trio of silk is: Ariane.  Congratulations!  Your hydrangea colorway will be on its way as soon as I get your address.  Look for my e-mail. 

Also, to celebrate that I surpassed 200 Followers - yippeee! - I have chosen another winner that will receive one of my dupioni silk collections.  The winner is:  Peggy.  Congratulations and what fun this has been.


  1. Nice little project...I always have a bit of handwork with me too. Last week I was making a little wallhanging with buttons and it must have looked strange to the TSA folks...they put my bag through 4 times!

  2. Congratulations Peggy and Ariane!

  3. So glad you are in Fla. and enjoying yourself. Enjoy and Happy New Year.
    Debbi F.


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