Saturday, March 9, 2013

Is Spring Here?

This week I went to The Philadelphia Flower Show
 and was thinking that Spring was right around the corner.
And then the next day, this is what I saw:
But today was promising to be a beautiful day.
I love to ride my bike and it has been an integral part of my weight battle. 
( I will share my story soon, but it will be a long post.)
Before I could go out and ride my bike, I made myself baste my Bailey quilt.
What a helper!
I really miss riding my bike with Bailey in my basket around Key West, so we set out with bike in car, basket and Bailey girl and drove to Valley Forge and The Schuylkill(school-kill)  River Trail.
We headed towards Philadelphia on a wonderful multi-purpose paved trail with lots of other cyclists, walkers and roller bladers. You can also ride it for over 20 miles all the way to The Art Museum.  The best part - no cars allowed. It was a glorious day and lots of people wanted to share it.
This was my view during our 2 hour bike ride.
She sits like a sentinel and every once in a while
 turns around to be reassured that I am still there and gives me a kiss.
I just love this little dog.
The best exercise partner ever.
Is this the start of Spring? I hope so.


  1. What a good little companion.
    Have you decided how you are going to quilt it yet?

  2. So sweet. How lucky you are to have such a well behaved companion.

  3. I sure hope spring is here, our temps are starting to warm up finally.
    Wonderful place to go for a bike ride, I need to get mine cleaned up and ready for riding.


  4. flowers are wonderful, spring is even better ('cuz it's WARM!), bike riding is good, but doggie kisses are THE BEST. I'm happy for you that you have been blessed by your Bailey (as I have by mine). hugs to you both!

  5. Snow last week, 80's today, 40's next week. THe weather is confused but Bailey girl seems to love wherever she is going. Thank you for the smile.


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