Sunday, March 10, 2013

Upcoming Workshops

This July, I will be teaching 3 workshops at the Mid-Appalachian Quilters 2013 Convention.  I am so excited to be included in this gathering.  It is held at Mount St Mary's College, located in Emmitsburg, Maryland. One of my goals this year was to be included in a muti-day quilters get together and this is my first! Woo Hoo! (I do have to thank the Seven Dwarves for this referral.)
I just received all of the class write-ups and I wanted to share them with you.  There are lots of great classes to take. I wish I could take some of them. You can't register until April 1st, but I wanted to give you all a heads up. I don't know how quickly the classes fill.
Here's the link:


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