Saturday, March 23, 2013

Organizationally Challenged

I have to admit it.  I have organizational issues.  I am a loser.  I can lose anything - a piece of fabric, directions, part of a quilt, a list of people, a "to be given" gift, clothing. If it can be misplaced, I can do it.  I ask people not to give me anything that they may need returned.  I will get so stressed out because when I need to return it I cannot find it.  I put things away for safe keeping and then try to figure out where I put it when I need it. 
What do I do when I can't find something, especially in my studio?  I start to clean up.  I start in one spot and fold fabric, toss out trash, read mail, put away tools and scan papers. Then hopefully the AHA moment comes and I find what I am looking for.  When that happens, I am done cleaning until the next time that I can't find something. Then there are the other times when I do find something, but it was what I was searching for before the last thing I was looking for.  I consider that a partial success. And when I eventually do find that thing I am searching for,  I put it away in the first place that I looked for it.  Will that help me next time???? Maybe.
I have come up with systems to help me.  Sometimes about half of my design wall is covered with pieces of paper.  I am afraid to put them away because when I need them, I won't be able to find that particular paper, especially contracts.  But then my design wall becomes a huge filing cabinet.  So every few years, when I need to work on a large quilt I have to clean my design wall. I try to file the papers in a folder where I hope I will look when I need that piece of paper. 
The pieces of white fabric was the fooundation for my custom made ark curtain.
But will I ever look in that folder that is marked"Design Inspirations"?  It is so mcuh simpler to see it often on my design wall.  PLus there are always all of the new design inspirations for inspiration that I come across daily! It's just too much.
I just can't seem to make the time or take the time to put things away where they belong, or where I can find them.  Right now I still have not unpacked my quilting supplies that I brought to Key West.  There's lots of fabric, books that I bought while I was there, partially finished projects and my watercolor supplies! (I have not painted since I have been home.) There are so many other things I would rather do - productive things, like sewing!
It is nomination time for my quilt guild.  I consider myself a relatively active participant. I have been Program Chairperson, Chair of Ways & Means and Co-Chair of our guild challenge.  This week my friend Kelly and I hosted a quilter's day out with a mystery quilt and a pot luck lunch.  It was lots of fun and I think we did a good job. We volunteered to do it again next year.
What's the first step?

This was the teal table!

I swear we had salads, not just desserts.

The necessary chocolate afternoon pick me up.
 But I get nervous when someone from the nominating committee comes around and the topic of President comes up.  I have been asked several times about filling this role.  All I can think about is how many opportunities I would have to lose things.  How many times will I be close to tears because I can't find something important? Sometimes you need to acknowledge your weaknesses and focus on what you can do well.  I am too old to change. I am organizationally challenged.  So I politely explain that it's not the job for me and focus on what I do well.


  1. Oh my, I relate to this! My house is relatively tidy with one glaring exception, and that is, of course, the sewing room. It often feels quite out of control. I know I'm not alone in this, but still... I look around sometimes and sigh. Then I bring in more stuff! The mystery quilt day looks like great fun!

  2. Haha! My husband and I are both cursed with the same problem. We only find things after we don't need them anymore. Between his workshop and my studio there is no hope. LOL

  3. I also need to clean and organize but would much rather sew!

  4. This was so good for me to read! I will never change, and I have taken to saying "I am sure that other artists live like this." Now I know its true! Thank you for being honest and sharing.


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