Sunday, March 31, 2013

I've Gone To The Dark Side

I tease my quilting friends when they become knitters.  I tease them that they have gone to the dark side.  They have become one of "them".Why would you want to knit, when you can make it out of fabric?  There are a lot of quilters that dabble in knitting.  We love the color and texture of various fibers.  Socks are a favorite item to make.  All of us like to keep our hands occupied while watching TV or traveling or waiting for a doctor's appointment. If it's not small quilting projects, then it's knitting.  For some people, that is!
I have dabbled in knitting myself.  At various times over the years, I have gotten so frustrated that I have given away all of  yarn and needles.  Then I become enticed several years later and pick up needles and yarn again.  I definitely have never been any good with sweaters.  The less the project relied on size the better off I am.  On our recent trip to Florida, I began my dalliance with knitting again.  I made this seed stitch cowl. 
It was fast and I enjoyed the pattern, called  And it was one size fits all.
 I have never really advanced past being a beginner. 
 But now I am enticed.  I went to a baby shower this weekend for my DIL's sister.
The theme was woodland creatures, which is also the theme of the nursery.
 Their mother, Nan, knitted these adorable animals. 
 They are about 3" high.  This was the pattern she used:
 Click on this link if you want more info:Wee Woodland Wuzzies
To decorate the tables, Nan made some tablescapes.  They were magical. She is so talented.
Check out the little gnome.

Although I thought these adorable creatures, especially the squirrel with the bushy tail, should come home with me (yes I have lust in my heart!),
their next stop would be the baby's nursery in the form of a mobile.
Lucky boy!


  1. Your cowl looks great. It should keep you warm now that you are back In the cold northern regions. The little critters are adorable and they will make a great mobile. Thanks for the link to the Woodland Wuzzies site. As a quilter who also enjoys knitting (no apologies) I enjoyed her site too.

  2. Those critters are cute! Are you going to make some???


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