Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother's Day Sewing Project

On Mother's Day I like to spend the day sewing, usually in my pajamas!
 I choose a project that I can finish in a day. For dinner, I like a nice Bar-b-Que with hamburgers and hot dogs, cooked of course by anyone but me.  This year, I also requested cake, since I have not had a piece since before Thanksgiving. Yum.
My project this year, was a multitude of collars for my best girlfriend.  For those of you that are regular readers, you know how much I love this little dog.  Why shouldn't she have a wardrobe?
I had planned this ahead of time and spent some time looking for parts on the Internet.  I was lucky enough to find a website where I could not only buy the parts, but I could buy them as a kit, WITH directions.  This was a no-brainer.  I bought enough to make 8 collars.
Normally I jump right into whatever I am doing.  This would have meant cutting out 8 different fabrics for the collars and constructing them assembly line style.
  But I did control myself a bit, and even though I picked out all the fabric, I thought the wisest course of action would be to make an entire collar first, checking the directions and making sure it fit right.  And so I did.
I had to adjust the length a bit, but other than that, the collar went together easily.  The directions were pretty good.  So I then cut the fabric for the remaining 7 collars.
  And after just a few hours, I had a bunch of collars.  In addition to the Memorial Day/4th of July collar, now she had one to wear for:
 Valentine's Day
World Peace Day (LOL - I just like this fabric)
A striped collar
And an orange collar because it's so colorful.
As I was getting ready to throw away her old, worn collar
I decided to salvage the closure and the other parts and make yet one more collar.   Looking at the collars I had already made, I noticed there wasn't one using my favorite collar - Key Lime Green.
So I chose a Kaffe Fasset fabric for the last of the collars.
Small scale prints definitely worked the best.
Which one was the collar chosen to be worn first?
It's Spring isn't it?
Will anyone notice with all that fur?
We don't care, because we will know. It's a girl thing.
After a few years of being side-lined I am now back on my bicycle. 
 I love it almost as much as I love quilting.
This was my Mother's Day gift from my husband.  And it's perfect. 
 And I found the perfect spot for it.
where I can be inspired all the time.
I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!
It's the most important job in the world.


  1. A nice quiet day, working on a new project is the best way to spend the day. I decided I could start something new and fun just because I can, lol.
    Happy Mother's Day.


  2. Howcome your dog has a better wardrobe than me????
    They're fabulous!!!

  3. Ha- what a lucky girl! heehee, you don't know whether I mean Bailey or YOU, do ya? heehee, both! :) I'm so glad you salvaged the parts of the old collar - that's what I did recently, too. We had a little (and I mean LITTLE) harness that was chewed through & they (the zoo keepers) had scotch-taped it together so it no longer was adjustable. When they tried to put it on the coati-mundi, it was too snug for me to be comfortable with it, so she couldn't come out to play. I took that baby right home (the harness, not the coati, bummer, eh?) and cut it apart bit by bit. I didn't have directions, so I had to sew a piece, cut a piece, so a piece, cut a piece. It was soooooo tiny, I had to enlist my helper, dear Driver, to engage the Reverse while I operated the foot pedal and maneuvered the harness. It was challenging, but it got done, and when we were finished, voila! We had a perfect replica, only without the scotch tape. Now the coati can go for walks again, and we're ALL happier!

  4. She is going to be styling at the park! Are you going to make some hairbands for yourself so you match? (:

  5. Love all of Bailey new collars, she is styling.


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