Saturday, May 18, 2013

Making Time For Friends

I spend most of my days in my studio.  My main focus has been designing and quilting for the past bunch of years.  I have to make a concerted effort to leave my work and Bailey to see my friends, especially if they are not quilters. I always come home thinking it is so worth it.  There is a history.
This week I met my friend Carol for lunch.  She happened to be in the area.  I have known Carol since my youngest son was 3 years old.  She is one of my oldest friends. 
We know each other from the mountains where we spent many a summer afternoon on the beach while our boys played in the lake.
Years ago I inspired Carol to quilt. 
She has inspired me and continues to inspire me to be a better person. I think I got the better deal.
Carol has post polio syndrome and has been dealing with it for many years.  But, she is brave and strong, never complains and is ready to help others.
Her new car has a lift so that she can take her electric scooter with her wherever she goes. She joined a support group that called themselves victims.  She decided that she prefers to be part of a group called survivors.  This group has been visiting the Villanova University School of Nursing, to expose  potential care givers to a disease that some of them have never heard of.   
There is no holding her back.  And if you happen to be watching the US Open Golf Tournament on TV, you may see her.  She's a Marshall.  You'll be able to recognize her, because she will have her motorized scooter.  I'm sure she will inspire others too - to not be victims!

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