Monday, May 6, 2013

You Deserve A Quilt Get-A-Way

There is a great 3 day quilting getaway that takes place in MD during the summer.
Mid-Appalachian Quilters puts on this event at Mt St Mary's College, located near Gettysburg, PA.
I am thrilled o be one of their teachers this summer.  Not only am I one among many, but this has to be one of the best bargains.  Each one day workshop costs only $60. 
Then, room and board at the college costs between $65 and $80/day.  This amounts to less than $400 for 3 days of quilting and eating.  What could be better than that?  especially if you go with some friends - or meet some new ones.
The dates are July 13-16.  You arrive on a Thursday night and leave Sunday after classes.
So I hope you are wondering what workshops I am teaching,
 because I could really use some more students.
On Friday, I am teaching "Everything You Wanted To Know About Fusible Machine Applique".  This is the sampler we will create while learning 7 different fusible techniques:
If you are new to fusible machine applique (FMA), you will be able to experiment and see which techniques you like the best.  If you are already familiar with FMA, you can hone your skills and learn a few new techniques, plus some of my quick tricks.
On Saturday, I am teaching a class to demystify quilting with dupioni silk.  If you treat silk just right, it will behave like cotton.  Silk dupioni makes every project look elegant because it is such an elegant fabric.  You will purchase a kit and can choose from 3 different colorways and 3 ways to set your blocks.
I'll talk about using it for applique as well as how to combine it with other fabrics.
On Sunday, I am teaching a workshop that is perfect for anyone that has an interest in designing their own block based quilts.  It's called surprising designs from Mexican Tiles, but it is about designing blocks by choosing a central design and a corner design and seeing how those designs interact.
  I share a few methods for how to visualize a quilt after making only one block using inexpensive methods, preventing an unhappy product.
This class is based upon the way I designed the quilt patterns in my "Quilt Fiesta" book.
If you have any questions about my classes, feel free to e-mail me.  I understand that the food is good, the dorms and classrooms are air conditioned and handicapped accessible.
The link to get to the website is:
Come see me and help to fill my classes.  I don't think you'll be disappointed!
And you will have the best time, laughing and sewing
 and meeting new quilters without having to cook a meal.
You deserve it.

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