Thursday, May 23, 2013

Couching Workshop

My quilt guild, Calico Cutters, has an annual auction to raise money to support our charitable causes and to pay for wonderful speakers.  I try to donate a class. The participants come to my house and we spend the day, usually finishing a project.  It's always a fun time.
This year I decided to offer a couching class. I have lots of Wonderfil thread from demoing in their booth at the AQS Lancaster Quilt Show that I wanted to share.  4 wonderful ladies - Betty, Nancy, Ronie & Catherine,  bid on the class and schlepped their machines to my house.
Couching takes less than 5 minutes to learn, but then you can spend lots of time playing with different thread color combinations.

The ladies , including Bailey, modeling their bags.

Three finished bags!

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