Friday, August 2, 2013

Fabric Imitating Life

I have been on the search for new everyday dishes.  The ones I have now must be about 20 years old and they have lots of grey scratch marks where the utensils hit the bottom.  They are white and I have lots of white serving dishes.  The white makes for a very nice looking table. 
I needed some shopping therapy and went to Anthropologie.  It's a chain.  If you haven't been to one, it's a very funky place with lots of eye candy.  They have women's clothes and home accessories.  The clothes are very cool, but as one of my friend's said to me, it's geared for 25-30 year olds with fat wallets.  I still like to look.
On my visit, I found some very cool bowls.  There was my favorite color:
Not only did I love the color, but I loved the shape too.  It was a good size for cereal. 
Then I saw a bunch of other, lovely and delicious colors.  So I decided to buy a few:
Blue, aqua and chartreuse.
There were a couple of other colors, but these were definitely in my wheelhouse. I decided to audition them at home and decided if I wanted colorful dishes to go with my white serving dishes.
Then I was cruising around some fabric websites and look what I happened upon:
This fabric really caught my eye and it made me think of my dishes.


  1. That is Melissa's favorite store. She has several of those bowls. She cannot afford much else there. It is filled with eye candy. You find the most fun fabric. I especially liked your bicycle fabric. Love to read your blog.

    Norma in Virginia

  2. You could piece or applique a quilt, big or small, with those bowls, just in the shape you show in your photograph. Would be very cool.

  3. I love the look of mixed colored dishes, makes it fun. I buy dishes too much, mine never last and I have really clumsy people in my house, lol.


  4. I must edit your title: Fabric IS life! C' know that!!!!

  5. I like your bowls. I have Fiestaware in a bunch of colors. Setting the table is like designing a new quilt everyday, so I say have fun with some dishes. Life is short. :)

  6. Oh what fabulous fabric! I hope you bought some :)

  7. That fabric would make great placemats to go with those bowls!

  8. For sure napkins, maybe tablecloth or runner too

  9. Love that fabric! Where did you find it?

  10. I like the fabric, too!
    As said above - where did you purchase?
    Great bowls!

  11. I found the fabric on I haven't ordered any yet, but I better hurry. LOL


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