Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Beginning of An Heirloom

A few months ago, my pregnant DIL and I  had a wonderful day shopping in Lancaster County for fabric for the nursery. We hit all my favorite spots. 
This is the fabric she picked out for my soon- to- be- here grandson's room:
 It is a beautiful fabric, and of course you know I love it because it has those swirly branches. It has every color imaginable, so it made it easy to pick co-ordinating fabric
I made a tailored skirt for the crib.
 And I lined these metal baskets
for the changing table.
(Aren't the knobs cute?)
My last project was to decorate this toy chest.
It belonged to my son, the father to be.
I am kind of surprised that I have kept it all these years.  We even moved it from the house where he was a toddler. We do not have many family "heirlooms", so what could be better than passing this down.  After being in the basement for 20 years, it needed a fresh coat of paint.  I added the grey rectangle, to match the nursery walls, for the name, once the baby has been born and has been named. 
But I just did not want to give him a white toy chest. 
I decided to use the bird fabric as inspiration for the painted design.


I had a hard time parting with it.


  1. WOW! It's gorgeous! I knew you could do anything with fabric, but never knew you were so talented with a paintbrush! You did a tremendous job! Your crib skirt and basket liners are really nice too! The nursery will look fabulous!

  2. It is such a happy place, I love it!

  3. Wow!! You are very talented - everything looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing every little detail... it is perfect!

  4. Gosh that chest is gorgeous and perfect! And the baskets and the crib skirt. Such a great fabric choice too! You have a lucky daughter in law! One thing your photos make me want you to do is to sew a crib sheet that coordinates. (they are easy to do--I made some many years ago--easy, fast and less expensive than buying them) Lucky grandson to be too!

  5. That is so beautiful, I love the fabric she chose and what you did with it. I really need to get myself organized and making better things for my grandson;)


  6. cheryl, the chest is beautiful, and my guess is that it will be much more cherished as an heirloom now, because of the beautiful paint job. How lucky you were that she chose such an interesting fabric as the 'star' for the room! You had so many directions to go in. I too love swirly branches, I love your tree further down, with the bicycle. Even the crossed squares on the perimeter remind me of spokes.
    May the baby be nurtured by the creative talent that will surround him,

  7. Absolutely beautiful, Cheryl, what a wonderful room that baby will have!

  8. Like so many comments before mine...the chest is Gorgeous! You've done a wonderful job painting it. What a fortunate granbaby to have you for a Gramma!

  9. Super, wonderful, brilliant! I bet your DIL is delighted!

  10. Love the fabric and the paint job!

  11. Love the fabric and your paint job is awesome!

  12. Love the crib skirt and the lined baskets!
    Beautiful painting on the toy chest!
    What a perfect nursery!

  13. Some how I missed this post.....It turned out so nice, your new grandchild will love it!


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