Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday In The Saddle

Today I participated in the Lancaster Bicycle Club's
 annual Covered Bridge Metric Century Bicycle Ride with about 2200 other cyclists

along with the Turkey Hill cow

A metric century is 100 kilometers or 62 miles.  There were other options including a 1/2 metric century(50km) and a 1/4 metric century(25 km).
The bucolic scenery in Lancaster County makes it a wonderful place to ride. 

The bonus was all the covered bridges that we got to ride through.

It was a rainy day.  These horses were the only ones smart enough to find shelter under a tree!

Jersey - Note the swirls
Jersey with the necessary rain jacket
Miles: 66.25
Avg Speed: 13.5 mph
Time in saddle: 4 hrs 53 minutes
Real Time: 6 Hours


  1. Good for you!! What a beautiful ride, rain aside. Made me miss the Lancaster area.. we used to visit when we lived in the Northeast. It's just so lovely there.

  2. What a great ride, congratulations on the distance. I have never ridden that far, but I think riding along those roads would be so enjoyable that i wouldn't notice the distance.


  3. Congratulations on a great ride and thanks for sharing your pictures! Sounds like you enjoyed it despite the rain. I like your swirly jersey it custom made or did you just get lucky in finding it?

  4. Wow!!! Very impressive!!!!
    Ditto above -- love your jersey!
    And great photos!

  5. congratulations on completing the ride! what a wonderful (and HEALTHY) way to spend the day. loved that jersey - i've never seen one like that before, must be a Custom-Cheryl! did Bailey get to go with? just can't imagine my Bailey sitting still in all that rain! (heck, who am I foolin? she wouldn't sit still long enough to get 1 km under the wheels!)

  6. Wow even in the rain! Good for you!


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