Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday In The Saddle

I promise to get back to quilty things soon, but right now I am training for a bike ride across the state of North Carolina.  The ride starts at the west side of the state in the mountains and ends at the ocean on the east side. It lasts 7 days and the ride is 491 miles long.
 If you want to read about it, this is the website:
Today was an organized ride put on by the White Clay Bicycle Club in Delaware, called the Shorefire Century- a century being 100 miles.  Different lengths are available and I rode the metric century, or 65 miles. They provide cue sheets, road markings and snacks.
Today's ride was relatively flat through the farmlands of Delaware.

    I ride to eat dessert!


Distance: 66 miles
Avg mph:  14.3
Saddle time: 4:35
Real time: 6 hours


  1. You are really getting in a lot of mileage with your bike. Beautiful country to ride in. I did 6 miles in my kayak, on a river, so a nice relaxing and quiet day.


  2. Looks like the weather cooperated nicely this time! Beautiful countryside.

  3. Oh, do you use some type of tracker for your stats? Wondered about saddle time vs. overall time.

  4. Wow!!! Very impressive!!!!
    Love the photos, and your jersey!
    Do you make them??

  5. I have a little computer on my bike that works based on my wheel rotation. The stats it gives are all based on my time in the seat, ie my mph. The real time is based on my watch, so that counts my break for lunch and my rest stops. Great question.


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