Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Choose To Fuse

I unpacked my bags from my visit to the West Milford Heritage Quilters and found my camera.  West Milford, NJ is not far from NYC but you would never know it from the beautiful countryside.  It's in the mountains and the colors of Fall were all around.  I definitely knew I was in the mountains when I woke up in the morning to a very chilly 40 degrees. 

We had a wonderful space for our workshops thanks to the connection that the Program Chairperson has with the local church. She's the pastor there!  The workshop was about machine fusible applique - all the ways that I use it in my quilts.  I use this bird sampler I designed as our pattern:

I share 7 different techniques, including binding.  I joke that it's applique bootcamp, but it really is.  By the end of the workshop each quilter knows which settings to use on their machine and which techniques they like the best. 

For the nest block, we all shared our brown scraps.  They made beautiful bird's nests. We placed all our blocks on the floor to make a "quilt".  It looked great, and it was fun.

Plus, I had a wonderful surprise.  One of the members, Andrea, also belongs to the Warwick Quilt Guild.  She took my workshop there called "Inspiration From Mexican Tiles" in 2011, and she brought the quilt to show me. Yay!
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  1. Cheryl,
    That is a cool idea of taking picture of work in progress and make a quilt. Looks like everyone had a great time. It's so rewarding to see people repeating your classes for different projects. Any fall projects going on in your studio?

  2. Love those nests. It would make a cute quilt.

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time on the retreat and I do love the birds nests.



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