Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Heading To The Beach

Where I grew up on Long Island, we called it the beach. I moved to the NJ/PA area to find out that t's called The Shore. In Delaware they also call it the beach. Are there other names for this delightful piece of land where the ocean meets the sand?

I am heading to the beaches of Delaware and it couldn't be better timing. What a perfect place to be with the sizzling temperatures that we have been having. I'll be at The Serendipity Quilt Shop in Rehobeth Beach, this Friday. They are having their 6th birthday celebration..

I'll be there to demo my Curvalicious tool. I'll also have silk kits with me.

There will be a bunch of other demos too. The schedule is on their website.

It's really a wonderful shop. I met Kathy Lewis, the owner, when I was visiting the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild a few months ago. They have tons of fabric, lots of batiks, lots of wool and even yarn. If you are looking for beach themed fabric, this is definitely the place.

So if you're in the area or need an excuse for a road trip, come say hi.




  1. Virginia Beach is usually called 'the beach' unless you are trying to distinguish the city of Virginia Beach from the actual beach. Then you call the beach, 'the oceanfront'.

  2. We call it a beach in RI. It is humid, think I need to head north;)
    Love your quilt, really fun design and fabrics.


  3. When I am there I say the beach. When I am talking about it here in PA I say shore. We all know it is "down the shore", not down at the shore.....such an East Coast thing....What ever you call it I love it! Have fun!

  4. In NJ, we don't go to "The Shore", we go "Down the Shore". It's a Jersey things, like hard rolls & butter, Taylor Ham, etc.

  5. Started my Curvalicious project after seeing your demo yesterday. Fun!



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