Sunday, June 8, 2014

Vacation Inspiration

Travel and architecture always give me lots of ideas and inspiration for my quilts. Everywhere I look, there is always something. If you have heard my talk "Inspiration From Squiggles and Dots" , you have seen how I turn an inspiration into a quilt.
So I take lots of photos and keep a file -actually many files. Either an idea sticks in my brain or I swipe through my photos when I am ready to start a new project. Sometimes it looks like the inspiration and sometimes it does not. The inspiration may just be the germ of an idea.
Here are are a bunch of photographs if inspiration from my trip to Prague and Budapest. I don't know even or if they will show up in my work. Can you see a quilt? What inspires you?

I match!


  1. You match! You are so funny! Great pictures!

  2. Great designs for inspiration.


  3. That is so funny that you match the tile!

  4. That pic of you on the floor is fantastic!

  5. I designed a box using some of the motifs from the Great Synagogue in Budapest and took some of the same photos of it.


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